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The Somerset Collection: Gorgeous Office and Bedroom Ideas 

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Bush Furniture Somerset desk set

The importance of functional home office furniture has never been greater as we continue to grapple with the reality of hybrid and remote work schedules. While some people have their workstations ready, others may be debating whether to update their home office furniture. If you fall into the latter category, you should look into the stunning and extremely functional Somerset Collection for your home office and your bedroom. 

With transitional styling and tapered leg accents, Somerset provides an ideal solution for the home or small office, and even for an office in the bedroom! Are you still not convinced? Let’s take a look at why you should invest in the Somerset Collection

Why Choose the Somerset Collection for Home Office Furniture? 

The Somerset Collection is an excellent home office furniture collection for anyone. Its transitional design effortlessly blends with various decor styles, creating a cohesive look throughout your home. This beautiful home office furniture collection is available in a variety of finishes to complement your existing decor and style. Somerset can help you completely revamp the look of your home office with a wide range of home office furniture solutions — from a simple office desk to an L shaped desk or a bookcase. 

Why should I buy home office furniture online rather than in a store? 

There are numerous advantages to purchasing home office furniture online. Shipping fees, for example, are frequently included in the price of the home office furniture you are purchasing; Bush Furniture is proud to offer free shipping across the United States. You won’t have to worry about driving to and from the store to get your products, and you’ll enjoy the comfort of receiving them right at your doorstep. 

Furthermore, why waste valuable hours of your time browsing in store when everything can be conveniently delivered to your doorstep without wasting any time? Sensory overload can cloud your judgment when it comes to selecting home office furniture. Online shopping relieves some of the stress from what can be an overwhelming rather than joyful experience. 

When shopping for home office furniture online, you can expect each category to be neatly separated from the others. While some customers don’t know what they’re looking for, others know exactly what they want to buy. If you need a smaller office desk, for example, you can limit your search to writing desks or small desks, rather than an L shaped desk, which is much larger. 

Alternatively, if you want to choose your office desk based on a collection, visit the collections page on our website. Everything is neatly organized into categories, making browsing and shopping a pleasurable experience free of stress and wasted time. 

Don’t be afraid of selecting something that will not fit in your home! Our home office furniture, as well as every other product on our website, includes detailed measurements, allowing you to quickly determine whether the piece will fit in your space or not. Make sure to thoroughly measure your space so you know what to expect when your product is delivered to your door. 

What Kind of Desk Should You Get? 

Bush Furniture Somerset white office desk and chair

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available when shopping for home office furniture. The market is flooded with options: many people have shifted to hybrid or fully remote work schedules in the last two years, making the home office desk the star of the show in the furniture world. 

Before purchasing a new office desk, consider the following questions. What size would you like your office desk to be? Do you require a simple office desk, or do you prefer a corner or L shaped desk? 

When selecting a computer desk, consider how much space you will need in your office. When shopping, it’s easy to get carried away; there are so many wonderful options to choose from! You might like an L shaped desk with desk hutch, for example, or a corner desk — it all boils down to choice! However, it is also critical to know that the office desk will fit in whatever space you have available. 

Bush Furniture, in particular, has a lot to offer in the world of home office furniture. The Somerset Collection has a wide range of models to choose from for your office space. 

Let’s take a look at different desk styles and other home office furniture options. 

Why Should You Get an L Shaped Desk? 

Bush Furniture Somerset beige L desk

If you work with a lot of materials and prefer a large work surface, an L shaped desk may be the best option for you. This office desk stands out from the crowd due to its large work surface and distinctive L shaped design. In fact, an L shaped desk is similar to a corner desk, but its surface is much larger, and one side is usually longer. 

If you work with a lot of materials and need more space to organize your books and writing instruments, an L shaped office desk is the best option. If you frequently run out of space while working at home, this office desk is the ideal solution. 

Furthermore, an L shaped office desk usually includes useful storage built into the computer desk. Forget about not having enough space for your files and small office supplies; most L shaped desk models include practical drawers and concealed storage for everything. 

Moreover, even though it is a large computer desk, an L shaped office desk does not have to take up a lot of space at home. You can put yours in the corner of the room to free up space in the center and maximize free space in your home office. This simple trick can help you save space while also reorganizing your office. Having your desk visually separated from the rest of the room can greatly assist you in keeping your office space neat and tidy. 

An L shaped desk might seem like a big and bulky workstation, but it’s surprisingly functional and can end up reorganizing and decluttering your room as well as serving as a convenient and comfortable desk for everyday office use.  

A Convenient Desk Hutch to Save Space 

Bush Furniture Somerset brown L desk with hutch

A desk with hutch is another fantastic option to consider when shopping for Somerset desks. Any workstation with a desk hutch, whether it’s a regular office desk, an L shaped desk, or a corner computer desk, can be a great way to save space and organize all of your work materials at once. You’ll also be able to use your desk hutch to decorate the room! 

A desk hutch is an excellent way to save space while also beautifully organizing your essentials. Hutches are designed to take advantage of unused vertical space rather than taking up valuable floor space. They are ideal for those who prefer to have everything neatly organized in one place without having to think about additional storage such as a file cabinet, storage cabinet, or 5 shelf bookcase. With a desk hutch, you can fit everything in without any problems. A desk hutch helps make room in a small office area by using vertical space, all while saving you money on extra home office furniture that might not fit into the room.  

Plants and small designer objects can also be used to decorate the space. In fact, a desk hutch is an excellent way to add some color and personality to your office desk. We often overlook the importance of decorating our home office furniture. The majority of remote workers spend at least 8 hours per day in their home office. It’s critical to work in an environment that you enjoy, where you can be stimulated and inspired. Be sure to decorate your space to your liking.  

Why Buy a Home Office Furniture Set? 

Bush Furniture Somerset white L desk set

Investing in a home office furniture set is another fantastic way to furnish your home office. Why waste time looking for each item individually when amazing home office furniture sets are available? Instead of wasting hours trying to match your office desk to your storage cabinet, simply choose a home office furniture set and let go of all your worries. 

Home office furniture sets are extremely useful because they save you time and money when it comes to selecting your computer desk, storage cabinet, and other items. Purchasing a home office furniture set saves time spent trying to find complementary pieces, and it is often a more affordable option than buying each item separately. 

What other Somerset office furniture should I consider purchasing? 

When looking for home office furniture from the Somerset Collection, you may feel compelled to investigate a variety of options. If you’ve chosen an L shaped desk with hutch or a corner computer desk with storage, chances are you won’t require much extra storage for your files and office necessities. 

Those who choose a regular L shaped desk, on the other hand, may feel the need to invest in another storage piece to keep their home office organized. A storage cabinet, 5 shelf bookcase, or file cabinet will come in handy here. 

When it comes to home office storage,  you can never have enough. Regardless of how large an L shaped desk is, extra storage is always useful. Things start piling up after a while, and, after more than two years of working from home, clutter has found its way into many people’s homes. 

Let’s take a look at some storage options to go with your desk. 

What Kind of Storage Furniture Should I Get for My Home Office? 

Since the pandemic’s devastation, most people have been confronted with a new reality: remote work. This includes not only investing in an ergonomic computer desk or office desk, but also dealing with clutter at home. 

How can you keep your home office looking neat and organized while keeping your files and small supplies in order? The solution is to use a storage cabinet, a five-shelf bookcase, or a simple file cabinet! 

A file cabinet, or storage cabinet in general, can help you organize documents and other small office essentials while keeping your desktop clutter-free. This is an excellent solution for anyone working at home who wants to free up space on their work surface. 

Let’s be honest, when you bought your home office desk, you probably didn’t expect it to be covered in files and other office supplies, did you? Your daily essentials deserve to be neatly organized in their own area so that your computer desk can breathe and appear organized and clean. 

A file cabinet is an excellent storage solution for important documents and bulky folders. Most file cabinet models can be placed under your desk or almost anywhere in the room, making this small yet functional and practical storage cabinet very convenient.

There are a variety of storage cabinet models to choose from. If you’re struggling with files and small office supplies, a file cabinet is the first thing that comes to mind, but a bar cabinet or accent storage cabinet could also be a great option! 

Bar cabinets are an excellent solution for people who  could use a break or two during a long day. Did you know that taking breaks is essential during a long shift? Most people who work from home are unaware of this. 

While standing up for a stretch or a cup of coffee is part of the routine at the office, we tend to get carried away with daily tasks at home. When we spend all day in one place — especially in winter when people spend even less time outside — private and professional lives merge, so taking breaks may be difficult and something you should plan ahead of time. 

A bar cabinet can be a great option for those who need a break as soon as possible. Taking regular breaks is essential, and having a storage cabinet, such as a bar cabinet, serves as a convenient way to do so. 

This functional storage cabinet can be used as a coffee station or simply as a storage cabinet for bottled water, drinks, or snacks. Set alarms to remind you to get up and take breaks, and you’re good to go!  

How Can a Tall Bookcase Make My Room More Functional?

Bush Furniture Somerset dark brown bookcase

While a file cabinet or storage cabinet can assist you in reorganizing your space and being more consistent when taking breaks, a tall bookcase goes a step further by also assisting you in decorating the room. 

It’s natural to want to feel energized and revitalized while spending the entire day at your office desk. We understand! Let’s take a look at how a tall bookcase can help you decorate your space and set it up for successful work shifts. 

A tall bookcase is a fantastic storage solution that can be used as both a practical surface for storing books, magazines, and other small items, as well as a place to display your decorations and give the room personality. 

Plants, for example, are an excellent addition to your office space! While a corner desk with storage or a corner computer desk can help with organization and decoration, a tall bookcase takes it a step further by providing not just one surface for decorations, but multiple shelves where you can display whatever you want. 

While larger plants are best displayed on the floor or on a plant stand, a tall bookcase is ideal for small to medium-sized plants such as cacti or small flowers. What better way to decorate your space than to incorporate natural elements? A plant can add color to your office while still appearing natural and effortless. 

Of course, your tall bookcase must be placed in a well-lit area with plenty of natural light. Even if a plant only requires indirect sunlight, natural light is essential to its health. 

Indirect light does not equal total darkness! A plant can be resilient but putting it in the darkest corner of your office is not a good idea. Even the toughest plant will not thrive in darkness and will eventually die. Place your tall bookcase near a light source and watch your office plants thrive under your watchful eye. 

No Space for a Big Desk? Merge Your Bedroom and Your Home Office! 

Bush Furniture Somerset bedroom furniture set

Those who live in smaller homes might find it difficult to fit a whole separate home office in their space, but there are options! When lack of space is the issue, opt for a hybrid space. Your bedroom, for example, can become your home office during the day! 

Don’t worry about matching the style of your bedroom furniture to your Somerset office furniture: the Somerset Bedroom Collection is the piece you’ve been missing. With solutions ranging from headboards to nightstands and dressers, you can find anything you need for the most intimate place of your home in this beautiful bedroom collection.  

Newly added to our Somerset Bedroom Collection is a Dresser TV Stand that can also be used as an Office Storage Credenza. This piece is designed to safely hold a television if that’s how you wish to use it, but it can also be used to store office supplies. With open shelving and concealed storage, you’ll have enough space for both office and bedroom supplies and decor. 

It’s always nice to save space by investing in pieces that can be used for different purposes. For example, a filing cabinet or a nightstand both offer a small surface for decorations or a lamp and concealed storage in the form of drawers for essentials and supplies you’d like to keep out of sight. If space is an issue in your bedroom and home, you can invest in just one of the two, and use it both for office and everyday use. 

There are many bedroom solutions in the Somerset Bedroom Collection, and they will match perfectly with your Somerset office furniture. Choose the ones that speak to you the most, and don’t forget to check out practical desk sets and bedroom sets if you’d like to buy coordinated items in a set to save time and money while furnishing your bedroom and office space. 

Office in a Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces 

Bush Furniture Somerset bedroom furniture set

Making space and optimizing unused corners is the way to go if you’re working in a small space and looking to make it as functional as possible. If you’d like to transform your bedroom into a multifunctional space that will serve both as your primary bedroom and your office space, choose items that will serve more than one purpose and offer enough storage space for everything you use daily. 

To save space, place your bed and your desk in opposite corners of the room. This will save space in the center of the bedroom, while the main staples in the room needed for a bedroom/home office — your bed and your desk — are neatly placed in the corner. 

For additional storage, look into wardrobes, TV stands, credenzas, storage cabinets, and dressers. You can mix and match items from the two Somerset Collections for a coordinated and cohesive look, all while adding functional items to your space to store your essentials. 

Other Decoration Ideas 

We spoke a lot about plants, which have been trending more and more since the beginning of the pandemic. However, it’s perfectly fine if plants aren’t your thing. Keeping a plant alive can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Some people don’t have time for that while working long shifts, so here are a few alternatives. 

You can display your favorite art and photos on the surface of your storage cabinet, desk, or any other surface. Whether they are framed or small canvases and prints, the surface of your home office furniture is an excellent place to display your personal items. 

Art does not have to be expensive, so if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of options for you. For example, you could look for local artists in your area and purchase a print or painting directly from them, which can be much less expensive than purchasing something at an art auction or online. You can also choose a canvas or art print from an online print store — adding a splash of color to the walls or your surface will look great in your home office! 

Similarly, a rug can add a lot of warmth and style, as well as a touch of coziness, to your space. A rug’s advantage is that you can easily replace it and change its position whenever you get tired of it. 

Are you ready to shop the Somerset Collections now that you’ve explored all your options? Visit the Somerset Collection and the Somerset Bedroom Collection to select your new home office furniture and bedroom essentials! 

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