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Get Organized With These Office Storage Cabinets

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Office Storage Cabinet

One common enemy for most people working from home is definitely office clutter. It’s hard to draw a line between work and home when one happens within the other, and clutter is often a result of that. One way to effectively keep your work area clean is investing in functional storage solutions such as our office storage cabinets.

Getting rid of clutter is not only aesthetically pleasing and satisfying, but it can also help boost mood and productivity. Who doesn’t like working and spending time in a neat, organized space? Our office storage cabinets are just what you need to keep your home office always looking fabulous.

We design home office furniture and and other solutions keeping quality, functionality, and design always in mind. We have different home office furniture collections tailored and designed for every need and taste. 

Let’s look into the different types of office storage cabinets we have, and the various collections you can choose from. Get ready to transform your home with these wonderful storage solutions that will help keep your home always organized.

Filing Cabinets for Every Taste

2 drawer lateral file cabinet

One of the most popular types of home office storage cabinets are definitely filing cabinets. From lateral file cabinets to file cabinets with wheels, we have a solution for every taste. It all depends on your style and needs. You can match your filing cabinet to your desk, buy them together in a bundle, or mix and match styles. 

If you like traditional and classic styles, check out the stunning kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Bennington Collection. The elegant design and gorgeous antique details make this one of the most sophisticated collections in our arsenal. Choose one of the practical filing cabinets available and pair it with your choice of executive or L-shaped desks if you’re looking for a coordinating workstation. Moreover, you can complete the look of your home office with a fantastic tall bookshelf, which will offer ample shelving for all your books, photos, and manuals.

Another one of our most beautiful collections is Cabot, which boasts a wide range of sophisticated options for your home. If you’re looking for a small storage solution, you could look into the small concealed cabinets offered in this collection.

If you feel like adding a touch of character to your room, don’t forget to check out our designer collections. One that stands out for its modern  geometric designs is the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Madison Avenue Collection. Opt for a filing cabinet and match it with other elements from this collection for an unforgettable and cohesive design.

Mobile Filing Cabinets

Bush Furniture Refinery filing cabinet

Practical and versatile, mobile filing cabinets are surely a fan favorite and a welcome addition to any home office. We offer a wide array of different models and styles to choose from, all worth checking out.

If you’d like to add a unique vintage touch to your space, don’t forget to browse the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Ironworks Collection. The sleek design and Aged Bronze hardware give a very unique, almost nostalgic feel to every piece of this collection. Opt for a simple mobile file cabinet to organize your files and small office supplies or choose a bundle with a coordinating writing desk to maintain the same design throughout your home.

For lovers of modern and industrial designs, the stunning Refinery Collection is just what you’ve been waiting for to organize your home office. Available in your choice of desks or different storage solutions, this collection offers large rolling  file cabinets with up to three drawers to help you organize your files and office supplies with ease. 

Don’t forget to check out the wonderful bookcases available in this collection if you need some extra storage or shelving to display your favorite items with style.

Concealed Office Storage Cabinets and Bookcases

Bush Furniture bathroom cabinets

Discrete and rich in drawers and compartments, concealed office storage cabinets are among the most versatile storage solutions available. They are especially wonderful for smaller homes, since they can be repurposed and serve as different pieces of furniture. If you don’t have a dedicated home office, you can place a concealed office storage cabinet in your living room or even in your hall. 

Many people are fond of farmhouse and cottage style designs, and we have many collections in this style. One of our most versatile collections is Fairview, a gorgeous farmhouse-style collection that instantly gives a relaxed feel to any interior. The wonderful thing about farmhouse designs is how beautifully they complement each other and look great together.

Check out the many concealed office storage cabinets available in farmhouse and cottage designs. Mix and match our iconic Key West, Salinas, and Fairview Collections to create a relaxing atmosphere throughout your home.

Additionally, you could also opt for a bookcase with concealed storage, which blends the best of a bookcase and a storage cabinet. You can use the concealed storage to hide items you want to keep out of sight and the ample shelving to display your plants and designer items.

Check out the gorgeous Mayfield Collection and match it with other farmhouse decor and furniture in your home.

Secretary Desks

Bush Furniture Bristol secretary desk and cabinet, two in one

Last, but certainly not least, are secretary desks, which offer the benefits of an office storage cabinet and a desk. While doing so, they don’t occupy much space at all. Often overlooked when shopping for a desk, secretary desks are actually a clever investment for small home owners or tenants.

They work in any space, and when the keyboard is pulled in, it looks like a regular office storage cabinet. When you feel like working or writing, simply pull out the laptop tray and pull up a chair. 

Secretary desks are also a perfect solution for people who want a secondary workstation outside their main work area. By occasionally changing your environment, you might gain focus and productivity, and boost your work performance and creativity.

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