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Gorgeous Office Furniture Sets for Your Home

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L Shaped Computer Desk with Hutch and Small Storage Cabinet

Cohesive design and practicality are top of mind when it comes to choosing furniture for your home office. Not everyone, however, has time to invest in picking every item singularly and making sure it matches the rest of the room. This is where office furniture sets come into play. 

Make shopping for home office furniture enjoyable and effortless with our wonderful office furniture sets. Say goodbye to having to pick every item singularly and worrying whether it will match the rest of your interior or not. And, there’s a big chance you’ll save some money too, since sets are often more cost-effective than buying each item on its own.

From designer collections to industrial, farmhouse, and traditional ones, we have a collection for every style and need. Let’s see our different styles together to help you pick one of our stunning office furniture sets.

Classic Office Furniture Sets

Bush Furniture executive desk set

If you’re looking for a desk that will transform your office space into a professional setting, look no further than the gorgeous Saratoga Executive Collection. With a variety of different desks available, the office furniture sets in this collection will enrich your space and serve you for many years to come. 

Choose a stunning executive desk paired with additional storage solutions such as file cabinets and bookcases. The traditional style of this collection will complement your office beautifully, making it look distinguished and professional.

If space is an issue when working, why not opt for a wonderful L-shaped desk? We designed some of our models with built-in drawers and practical pull out keyboard and laptop trays for maximum comfort.

L-shaped desks are wonderful to keep everything at your fingertips while working. Say goodbye to having to get up to look for a work manual or anything else that you couldn’t keep on your desk. L-shaped desks offer an ample work surface that will help you focus and work in peace without interruption.

Additionally, you can place your L-shaped desk into the corner of a room if you don’t have much free space to play with. Doing so maximizes your space and helps you create a private and isolated corner where you can work without getting distracted by anything else happening around you at home.

For those who don’t like to sit in the same position all day, opt for a gorgeous office furniture set with a height-adjustable desk that will help you switch positions in seconds.

Industrial Style Office Furniture Sets

Bush Furniture Anthropology collection desk set

If you’re into rustic or industrial styles, you’re in luck. We created many office furniture sets in this style, including Refinery and Anthropology. The latter was designed fusing wood, metal, and glass to create gorgeous items for your home office and living room. 

Choose a gorgeous writing desk and enjoy its versatility and practicality. Writing desks are perfect for those who look for a simple worksurface to use a few hours here and there, to do some occasional work or writing, or to have a second workstation in the house. 

Sometimes working long hours in a home office can be daunting, so having a second workstation in a different room of the house is a great idea to solve that problem. 

Writing desks are included in some office furniture sets with additional cabinets and bookcases, which look stunning in any room of the house, not just your home office. 

Designer Office Furniture Sets

Designer Desk Set with Office Chair

Are you browsing through different office furniture sets in search of a truly unforgettable one? We’ve got you covered. Our gorgeous designer office furniture sets will take your breath away and leave everyone in awe. Check out the stunning kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Madison Avenue Collection for truly unique and multifunctional pieces.

The universal finishes of this collection paired with the singular geometric shapes will leave an impression on anyone who walks by it. The cut-out squared shelves on some models in this collection offer ample space to display books, manuals, and even plants. You can also place your printer or any other office essentials on the built-in shelves. 

Other desks come with a practical hutch to keep everything organized and always at hand. 

For a slightly more vintage and antique style, check out the beautiful kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Ironworks Collection. The metal frames and distressed finishes add a touch of vintage to your space, all the while offering you a gorgeous work surface and practical storage solutions. The sleek design of this collection looks so gorgeous, it can easily fit into any room of the house. It’s perfect for lofts, home offices, and even living rooms and entryways. The gorgeous bookcases included in some office furniture sets offer ample shelving for books, plants, and other items of decor.

Farmhouse Style Office Furniture Sets

Bush Furniture Salinas home office furniture set

If you’re a lover of casual designs, don’t forget to check out the beautiful Salinas Collection. This is one of our most popular collections, and we have solutions for every room of the house. It’s easy to pair with anything and extremely versatile, all the while giving your space a lovely Mission-inspired  feel. 

Choose one of the beautiful office furniture sets with a gorgeous desk with built-in drawers and additional storage. Pair it with a designer office chair for the ultimate look and extreme comfort for your long work days.

We also have wonderful living room, and entryway bathroom solutions in this stunning collection, allowing you to maintain the same style throughout your home and maximize your free space with clever storage solutions.

Another unique collection is the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Cottage Grove Collection. The beautiful accents and distressed finishes add a touch of breezy serenity to any interior. Some office furniture sets include a gorgeous L-shaped desk and a file cabinet for your files and work essentials, as well as a wide bookshelf for your books and work manuals.

This collection looks beautiful with natural light, which also brightens up your space and boosts your productivity. Place your desk next to a window to enjoy your new office furniture set even more.

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