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Maximize Your Space with the Help of a Computer Desk with Hutch

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Lady with curly ginger hair working at her laptop with her cat sitting close by

Work days can get busy, and keeping our home organized at all times is not always an easy task. If you work remotely and are looking to switch to a practical workstation that can accommodate all your work essentials with ease, look no further. Especially apt if you like neutral colors, a gray computer desk with hutch is the perfect solution to your needs. 

There are various desk types to choose from, but a computer desk with hutch stands out for maximizing space. By utilizing the space above your desk — whether you place your desk next to the wall or not — you’ll be optimizing space that would otherwise go unnoticed, or perhaps used for a mere decoration, like a clock or a mirror. 

With a computer desk with hutch, you can enjoy more storage space for your work materials as well as other personal and decor items. This solution is especially useful for people who live in small homes or open space apartments. You can use your computer desk with hutch to visually divide the space and create a work corner for yourself. 

Additionally, you can pair your computer desk with hutch with other elements from the same collection. This way, your interior design will look coordinated and cohesive throughout your space. 

Let’s look into some of the perks of a computer desk with hutch and how it can optimize your space.

It Will Keep Your Home Clutter Free

Bush Furniture brown office furniture set

One of the main reasons a computer desk with hutch stands out from other desks is its functionality. By offering so much more extra storage space, it will effectively keep your home clutter free and all your belongings will always be neatly organized.

Some models have wide shelving and open cubbies to place your books, manuals, and other work essentials. Others also offer closed compartments where you can store anything you want to keep hidden from sight.

If you like the idea of having a larger  workstation, check out our L shaped desks. The shape of this type of desks allows you to enjoy a much bigger work surface. You can use it for your work materials, and it’s especially palatable for people who work with multiple screen.

If you tend to get distracted during long work shifts, that’s understandable. Working at home means juggling private and professional life all at once, and who doesn’t get carried away with everything happening around them? To create a serene and undisturbed work area , place your L shaped computer desk with hutch in a corner. This will allow you to focus and work undisturbed all day, without paying attention to the many distractions that can take place at home. This will also boost your productivity and make you feel much more focused and serene, especially during a long work day. 

It Will Help You Keep Your Work Area Separate

Bush Furniture Architect desk with hutch and grey office chair

A computer desk with hutch is the perfect solution to keep your work area separate. Who likes thinking of work or being reminded of daily tasks all day? A computer desk with hutch is spacious enough to hold all your work essentials and materials, so you can tuck away everything work related and keep it separate from the rest of your home. 

If you live in an open space or a loft, you can use your computer desk with hutch to divide the space and create a work corner pretty much anywhere you decide to place it. 

An L-shaped computer desk with hutch can create a beautiful work corner wherever you decide to place it. Some models also offer built-in keyboard or laptop trays, drawers, and concealed storage cubbies. For a cohesive and coordinated look, you can also add a bookcase or filing cabinet as extra storage solutions.

You Will Gain More Space to Decorate

Bush Furniture Madison Avenue office furniture set

Without a doubt, a computer desk with hutch will give you innumerable opportunities to decorate your office area. You’ll have so much space not only for work materials, books, and supplies, but also plants, photographs, and decor items!

You can use the many compartments in your hutch for plants and small items. If you’re not into spending a lot of time watering and taking care of plants, fear not. There are many plants that are office-friendly and very easy to take care of. 

A terrarium is a great and gorgeous idea for an office. Terrariums are self-sustaining, and they really don’t need much time and care on your part. Once you’ve built yours, you’ll hardly have to do anything for it to keep growing. Moreover, you can create singular and stunning compositions unique to you, and who doesn’t love a one-of-a-kind piece?

Alternatively, different types of cacti are also very easy to maintain and they don’t require much water at all. If plants are not your thing, then you could opt for decor items or even candles. The latter is a great way to add a soothing touch to the room. Candles are very relaxing and centering, and they can help with concentration and focus. 

A collection we recommend for lovers of unique designs is the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Madison Avenue Collection. Characterized by unique geometric shapes, wide shelves and singular open cubbies, it’s both breathtaking and multifunctional.

You can create unique combinations with the help of books, candles, plants, and photographs. Use the concealed storage cubbies for anything you’d like to keep out of sight and the shelves and open cubbies to showcase your favorite items. 

You can also choose to pair your computer desk with hutch with a practical filing cabinet or bookcase for a coordinated look. And don’t fret if you already have your Bush Furniture desk and are starting to think you might like to add a hutch. Many of our hutches are sold individually so you can pair your desk with a coordinating hutch from the same collection. Simply check the size to be sure it will fit properly on your desk, and done! You’ll be ready to use up that extra vertical storage space.

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