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Make Your Home More Welcoming with an Entryway Bench with Coat Rack

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beige entryway bench with rack

When it comes to home decor, many of us focus on rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. And while these rooms are incredibly important, let’s not forget about the entryway. A great way to make your home instantly more welcoming is by adding an entryway bench with coat rack.

Think about it, the entryway is the very first thing you see upon entering a home. And a home might be beautiful and organized in every other room, but if the entrance is not, then the whole impression about a place might change. 

Furthermore, the entryway is where we greet and say goodbye to our home before and after heading out. It’s the room where we take our time before seizing the day, and where we rest after coming back in. 

Needless to say, keeping your mudroom tidy and organized can change the whole feel and look of your space. And the great news is that we have so many different solutions and collections to choose from! You can find different design styles and choose the entryway bench with coat rack most suited for your place.  

Furthermore, you can pair your entryway bench with coat rack with other items from the same collection. From desks to bedroom furniture, our versatile collections are made with cohesiveness of style in mind. Naturally, you can also choose to mix and match collections and pair your entryway bench with coat rack with elements from different collections. 

Farmhouse Entryway Furniture

brown entryway bench with rack

One of the most beloved styles of furniture is farmhouse, and for good reason. The rustic, natural look of this style pairs well with almost anything. Furthermore, it’s a timeless style, unlikely to tire anyone or become redundant.

One of our most beloved collections is Salinas, a gorgeous relaxed farmhouse collection with a vast array of furniture solutions. You can choose a practical entryway bench with coat rack from different finishes to pair it with your existing style.

An entryway bench with coat rack is extremely practical in that it offers a bench and a storage solution. When you’re heading out or coming back home, you can take a few minutes to put on or take off your shoes without rushing. Furthermore, the rack allows for easy hanging of your favorite coats and jackets. 

You can also use the bench to place your bags, should you carry one. The compartments at the bottom, on the other hand, are perfect for shoes. You can also use them to place some storage baskets to hide supplies or small objects.

Furthermore, Salinas has a vast variety of solutions for your whole home. From the entryway all the way to your home office, kitchen, and bathroom, there are solutions for every room. This allows you to keep a coordinated and cohesive design in every area of the home. 

Transitional Entryway Furniture

Ash Brown Hall Tree and Shoe Storage Bench with Doors

If you’re into transitional pieces, we have something perfect for you. The kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Woodland Collection is exactly what your home needs! The singular designs of this collection will transform even the dullest entryway.

For optimal comfort and limitless storage possibilities, opt for an entryway bench with coat rack and drawers. The drawers at the bottom of your bench will help organize anything you need to keep out of sight.

Furthermore, the open cubbies at the top of some models are incredibly practical. You can use them to organize your decor, small plants, or garments. Hats and belts, for example, would fit in there perfectly.

What’s unique about this collection is that it offers small solutions as well as larger ones. Choose a single unit if you’re in an apartment or studio and have a small entryway. If you’re lucky enough to have your own house with a large mudroom, an entryway set from this collection will fill the area nicely and provide space for all of your family’s outdoor apparel. 

Modern Industrial Entryway Furniture

entryway bench with rack

Another beloved furniture style is modern industrial. The fusion of metal and wood textures results in a contemporary and edgy style perfect for any interior. 

The Refinery Collection is a perfect example of this style. With solutions for a variety of living spaces  — with a special focus on gorgeous home office furniture solutions — it has so much to offer. 

A great way to set up your entrance is by choosing an entryway set. An entryway bench with coat rack and a writing desk, for example, would transform your entryway and make it really unique. The bench and the coat rack are great for hanging your coats and taking a rest before heading in or out, while the desk adds a practical surface to the space.

Furthermore, you can use your writing desk as your primary or secondary workstation. If you don’t need a large desk, it can work as a primary workstation. This is an ideal solution for those who like to do some occasional work throughout the day. 

Alternatively, you can use your writing desk as your secondary workstation. This is a great idea to add some variety to long work shifts. At times, sitting all day in the same room can be daunting and boring. A great way to change that is by switching to a different desk. It can greatly boost your productivity and keep you creative. 

Moreover, you can use your writing desk to display decorations or plants. It adds a great surface to your entryway, perfect for photographs, designer objects, or small to medium plants.

Pilea peperomioides, commonly known as the Chinese money plant, is a great one. It’s very easy to keep, it grows and thrives in bright sunlight, and it adds a great touch to any home office. Alternatively, you can always opt for a fake plant or vine, if you don’t have a green thumb.

Some artificial plants look very realistic, and they come with no hassle or commitment. They’re ideal for people who’d like to add a beautiful touch to their office area without having to worry about keeping the plant alive. 

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