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How to Effectively Maximize Entryway and Mudroom Storage 

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A white entryway set in a large mudroom

It’s difficult to put into words how relieved and warm we feel when we arrive home. It’s our sanctuary, and as with all things home and decor, the first impression plays a big role. The entryway is the first room of the house, and the last we and our guests see before leaving. Nothing welcomes you in more than the right entryway furniture, and it’s important to choose the perfect pieces for your home to maximize entryway space. 

The mudroom is the first thing we — and our guests — see when we walk in the door. This is why it’s critical to make it as welcoming and inviting as possible. Furthermore, outerwear, bags, and keys can easily become dispersed throughout the home, causing clutter and disrupting one’s routine. 

Bush Furniture is a market leader in home office furniture, with a focus on home office desks and storage. However, we also provide a wide range of solutions for every room, including your entryway and mudroom. 

Let’s look at entryway storage options together and see how you can maximize space in the entrance to your home. 

How to Set Up a Great Entryway?  

Bush Furniture entryway set in brown

Your home’s entryway not only makes a first impression, but it also sets the tone for the style that will be carried throughout the rest of your home. 

Whether you have a small, open-concept, or traditional entryway, designing an inviting entryway space is all about combining form and function. Given that entryways are typically quite small, you’ll need to make this space as functional as possible, starting with a centerpiece. 

Your centerpiece can be anything from a seating arrangement (like an entryway bench coat rack or an entryway bench with storage) to an entryway storage solution (like a modern entryway cabinet or a small entryway table). It depends on your space availability and style, and your daily needs. Both the former and the latter are great options for narrow corridors, though an entryway bench coat rack also includes handy hooks for your jackets and coats. 

Start with a simple question: what elements are the most important ones for you to maximize comfort, functionality, and storage space? Entryway furniture with storage, for example, is a great way to add a cozy piece of furniture that will instantly enrich the character of your entryway and maximize your entryway storage space. 

If your entryway is narrow and long, you can opt for either a shoe storage bench, a table for entryway, or an entryway console table with shoe storage. These entryway furniture solutions are perfect for any room, especially a very narrow one. All these options will maximize your entryway storage space and reorganize your space at once. 

Where to Buy Entryway Furniture? 

While purchasing furniture for entryway or mudroom furniture in-store is still preferred by some, purchasing entryway furniture online is simple and convenient. Don’t we experience sensory overload whenever we go shopping for furniture? There are so many options, and it’s easy to get lost in the maze of furniture around you. 

Our website is conveniently divided into useful sections where you can filter out what you don’t want. If you prefer entryway furniture in certain colors, for example, you can narrow down your search. You can also filter by collection if you have your heart set on a specific design. 

Furthermore, online sales are usually much easier to come by than in-store sales. We always have a sale section on our website, and we have new promotions almost every week. In-store sales rarely compare to the great online discounts. Furthermore, you can see what is currently available and what is on its way to being restocked. Imagine driving to a store and discovering that the item you want is out of stock? This problem is easily solved by shopping online. 

Another excellent reason to shop online is that it saves time. It is much faster to order what you require online rather than standing in line at the store, which can be a lengthy process.  

Depending on your preferences, there are numerous styles to choose from. You can look for an entryway cabinet by style or even by collection, or even look entryway furniture for small spaces. After you’ve chosen your mudroom furniture, you can shop for living room or home office furniture from the same collection. This will allow you to maintain a consistent look throughout your home. 

Alternatively, another great way to maintain a coordinated look throughout your home is by investing in an entryway furniture set. Sets usually include a centerpiece such as an entryway storage solution (an entryway hall tree with storage bench, a mudroom bench with drawers, or mudroom cabinets) as well as other coordinated items for your entryway.  

Investing in a set is perhaps the easiest and fastest way to decorate and set up a perfect entryway in your home, as sets are often cheaper and less time-consuming to shop for than individual items. 

How Do You Maximize Space in a Small Entryway? 

Bush Furniture entryway set in beige

Having your storage needs met in a small entryway can be difficult, especially if your home lacks a dedicated mudroom or foyer. When you walk in and out of the door, the area around your main entrance should serve as a drop zone for purses, coats, keys, and other everyday items. Let’s look into some entryway ideas for small spaces together.  
For starters, choose a centerpiece. The best way to utilize your space in a small entryway is by maximizing it vertically. Avoid buying entryway furniture that is bulky and wide, as it will unnecessarily clutter the space without helping you make the most of your entryway storage space. Similarly, you should avoid entryway furniture that occupies a lot of space without giving you any storage space within the piece of furniture.  

A well-designed entryway should include areas for storing infrequently used items such as sporting goods and out-of-season accessories, so storage space really is important. It’s not only about keys and shoes you use regularly, but a place to store items you normally wouldn’t use for entire seasons. You’ll need smart solutions like baskets, benches, cubbies, and shelf units to transform a small entryway into a hardworking storage space that can handle all of these tasks. These small entryway storage ideas will improve functionality, save space, and maximize your front door area.  

One way to maximize storage space is by choosing an entryway table or a storage bench with hall tree. Both solutions are pretty narrow, meaning that they will fit in your small entryway like a charm. Moreover, they both leave many open possibilities for storage items: the former allows you to use the surface for everyday items, leaving space for baskets and boxes underneath. The latter, on the other hand, is a comprehensive entryway storage solution that stands against the wall, maximizing free space and using it vertically. Some models include cubbies and shelves for easy storage of shoes and out-of-season items. 

What Should Be Included in a Mudroom? 

Gray Entry way set for mudroom storage

Designing a mudroom — or boot room — is similar to planning a new kitchen: what you need is a careful balance of functionality and aesthetics. 

Mudrooms are a common feature of country homes, serving as a place to remove muddy boots, store outdoor clothing, and keep the elements from infiltrating the rest of the house. A mudroom is ideal for shaking off your raincoat or drying off the dog after a brisk country walk. 

A mudroom is also a great place to keep necessities that you don’t want to keep in your main kitchen, and it can also be the ideal location for your washer and dryer. 

Though not everyone has the space for a dedicated mudroom, smart mudroom ideas can be implemented to create one in the smallest space possible; in fact, all you need is a spare wall ideally near the back or side entrance to your home. 

As your centerpiece, choose a narrow entryway storage solution such as a small mudroom bench or a mudroom storage bench. To complete the look of your entryway, you can add several additional storage solutions like wicker baskets, rattan storage boxes, or other solutions to store less frequently used items. 

Of course, there are several other mudroom furniture staples to choose from. For example, a mudroom hall tree easily adds a lot of extra space for your coats and clothes.  

Lastly, you can invest in a mudroom set: it’s the fastest and easiest way to furnish your mudroom or entryway, as you’ll be getting all your items together instead of picking out every single piece of mudroom furniture separately. 

Ways to Decorate your Entryway or Mudroom 

Bush Furniture entryway console table in brown

Now that you’ve picked your favourite centerpiece and entryway or mudroom furniture, it’s time to decorate the space! Decorating an entryway table, for example, can be made easy and light with gorgeous vases or pampas bouquets, or a small potted plant (should you have some natural light in your entryway). 

Alternatively, gorgeous framed art prints or pictures can be lovely additions to your entryway as well. Another great way to add a bit of depth and create a visual illusion that your entryway is even bigger and more functional is by adding a mirror. Mirrors instantly make the place look bigger, and by reflecting your surroundings, you will have decorated the space without actually having to do much work. It’s a win-win! 

In case you choose a storage bench with hall tree, you can opt for decorative lumbar pillows to add that extra touch of comfort to your entryway. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful to take your time to get ready properly in the morning when going out and to rest at night when coming in? 

Lastly, you can add a rug to your floor to add some texture and visually minimize dirt and dust, which tends to accumulate and become visible within hours from cleaning. 

Other Tips and Tricks to Maximize Space and Cozy Up Your Entryway 

Though we went through a comprehensive list of ways to set up your entryway storage and your mudroom furniture, there are still a few tips and trick you can implement to make your entryway look even more inviting and welcoming. 

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know to set up the perfect entryway or mudroom, are you ready to pick your entryway and mudroom furniture? Shop now! 

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