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Discover the Charm of Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

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Bush Furniture living room furniture

Evocative of nature, peace, and quiet… Isn’t that what we think of when the word “cottage” comes to mind? Specifically, cabin and cottage interior design style. These styles are so popular and liked that there are even books with rustic decor ideas for your home. The good news is that you don’t need to travel far enjoy a relaxing cottage feeling in your home. Farmhouse living room furniture can effectively transform your space and add a touch of that cottage feel you love without requiring you to travel to remote areas. 

There are many options available to choose from, from black living room sets to individual items like TV stands. Bundles are perfect for people who want to save money on the total cost of the pieces needed for their home. They are also extremely practical because every piece is designed to work perfectly with the others. Bundles are perfect for a complete transformation of your space, but individual items are equally useful. Sometimes, adding a simple accent cabinet can transform a space completely and add a touch of character. 

Let’s look into the various farmhouse living room furniture pieces you can add to your home, and how they can prove useful within your space. Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, the addition of farmhouse-style furniture will surely be great for your home.

Console Tables and Bar Cabinets

Bush Furniture narrow console table in black

Can you ever have enough storage solutions in your home? Ideal even for the smallest apartments, console tables and bar cabinets can fit in pretty much any room and serve different purposes within your home. They add a much needed surface to your home and give you plenty of room to store your belongings.

Choosing a farmhouse style for your living room will instantly add a casual  feel to your home. This style is very versatile and it blends easily with a variety of interiors and colors.

Console tables are a wonderful addition to small homes because of their usually narrow but capacious design. They fit in most spaces, even hallways, adding a touch of life and a practical solution to your home. They can also serve as a wonderful storage solution for your work area. Even if you work in the living room and not in a separate home office, a console table can be of use. It’s a compact and narrow storage solution that can be used to store files and other work-related materials.

They work well as a surface to display objects, too. Console tables boast ample shelving and a wide surface to position anything you’d like to display, from books and manuals to plants. Some models on the market also come with wonderful desktop organizers, which help you gain extra storage space and keep your surface always neat and tiny.

Bar cabinets are equally versatile and apt to most spaces. They are so versatile you can place them between two rooms, and they work well as part of a farmhouse living room furniture set. They can also be used as a convenient coffee station or snack bar in your home office or living room. This solution is perfect for smaller homes where oftentimes one room fuses into the other. This way, the transition between the two rooms will be smoother, and you’ll gain a practical storage solution and coffee station.

TV Stands and Media Cabinets

Bush Furniture Tv stand

Movie night is an important event, and why not make it better with a great TV stand? TV stands are a great all-in-one solution that both support your television and offer you storage space for your belongings. They are one of the most evocative farmhouse living room furniture pieces you can add to your home. 

Some models offer ample shelving and can give you enough storage to display your books, plants, pictures, and more. Concealed storage is another perk often found in TV stands. You can use that storage space for media belongings and anything you’d like to keep out of sight. 

Choose a TV stand with a distressed finish and unique accents like the ones from the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Cottage Grove Collection to add a true farmhouse feel to your home. Style meets practicality in this wonderful and charming farmhouse living room furniture solution.

Media cabinets are a stunning solution for apartments and lofts, serving as a transitional piece of furniture, much like bar cabinets. The little surface on top is wide enough for a record player, and the storage inside is perfect to store media belongings. You can also repurpose your media cabinet into a little bar or snack cabinet. 

The great thing about these farmhouse living room furniture solutions is that they are light and easy to move around. If you ever have a change of heart about the disposition of furniture in your home, you can reposition them and place them in a different room. 

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture Bundles

Bush Furniture TV stand and two bookcases

Last, but not least, come living room bundles, which are a perfect solution for a whole revamp of your home. They are an optimal choice if you don’t want to spend time looking for coordinating pieces and prefer to invest in a set.

Bundles are great for those who prefer to keep a coordinated and cohesive design throughout their home. Every piece works well with the others, making decorating a breeze. Bundles turn out to be a lot cheaper than picking every single item singularly. By opting for a set, you save time and money, and your space will look terrific.

Some of our collections also boast a variety of solutions for other rooms, making it easy to keep a cohesive design throughout your home. From coastal bathroom cabinets to farmhouse living room furniture, your home will look terrific with any solution you choose. You can also match your living room set to different home office furniture solutions. Choose among a variety of desks and office chairs in a similar farmhouse style for a coordinated look throughout your space. Escaping to the cottage won’t be necessary with the perfect farmhouse furniture!

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