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Discover the Benefits of an L Shaped Computer Desk with Drawers

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Bush Furniture desk and office chair

Shifting to remote work was a big change for some, and it came with a lot of adjustments to make. For anyone working from home, having a great workstation is of paramount importance. While the market is awash with different options, there are some models that really stand out. An L shaped computer desk with drawers is definitely one of those. 

While an L-shaped computer desk with hutch is convenient to maximize space vertically, an L shaped computer desk with drawers offers practical concealed storage for your files and work essentials. This workstation is much wider than a traditional desk and it comes with the added benefit of practical drawers for anything you’d like to hide from sight but keep handy. 

While the storage and surface space it provides are quite ample, you can also complement your L shaped computer desk with drawers with an additional storage solution such as a filing cabinet or a bookcase. Additionally, you can also pair yours with an ergonomic office chair for long-lasting comfort and support.

There are many benefits to an L shaped computer desk with drawers, and we’d love to show you some of them. Read below some original ways to use your L shaped computer desk with drawers, along with why it’s the perfect investment for your home office area.

It Can Effectively Optimize Space in Your Room

Bush Furniture L shaped desk with hutch

Choosing an L shaped computer desk with drawers doesn’t mean giving up space in your home. It seems like a paradox, but this incredible workstation can actually maximize your space all while providing you with ample surface and storage space. How? Simply place your L shaped computer desk with drawers in the corner of the room.

Whether you have a home office or you work in another room of the house, placing your desk in the corner will create a wonderful private work area and free up space in the middle of the room. 

This will make your workstation  look organized and it will be conveniently separated from the rest of the room. Furthermore, some people find it beneficial to work facing a wall or a corner, because it helps them gain focus and concentration more easily. 

Think about it: how many times do you get distracted during the day while working at home? This often happens because we see things happening around the house or are more prone to look away from our desk and get distracted. You can solve this issue simply by tucking your L shaped computer desk with drawers in the corner. 

If you’re lucky to have a bright spot in your room, try to put your L shaped computer desk with drawers close to a source of natural light. This will further help you feel energized and productive while working. Whether it’s sunny out or it’s raining, it’s quite soothing having a source of natural light next to you. 

Your Room Will Be Tidier and More Organized Than Ever

Bush Furniture brown L shaped desk with hutch

Another great benefit of having an L shaped computer desk with drawers is that it will help you keep your room organized. With all the storage it provides, clutter won’t be an issue anymore — simply hide everything you don’t use in the drawers. Some models also offer extra storage space such as a hutch or a keyboard tray, which makes it even easier to store all your work essentials in your desk. 

Having such a wide workstation will make it easier to always have everything you need at hand. Furthermore, an L shaped computer desk with drawers is perfect for people who work with two or more monitors at the same time, because of its generous work surface. 

If you need more storage space, you can pair your computer desk with  a matching filing cabinet or bookcase. The latter is a great option for people who have a lot of decor items, books, and plants. 

If you like  stylish designs that complement a variety of decor themes, check out our stunning Somerset Collection. This transitional styling collection is characterized by tapered legs and frosted glass, as well as a big selection  of finishes. 

For a farmhouse-style desk with a designer twist, make sure to check out the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Cottage Grove Collection. 

You’ll Have More Space to Decorate

Bush Furniture Cottage Grove L shaped desk

Another great perk of having a large workstation is all the space you’ll have to decorate it. While the drawers are practical to keep anything you want out of sight concealed, the big surface is perfect to showcase your favorite decor, photographs, and plants. 

Plants are wonderful to add a touch of life to your room, all while giving it a soothing touch. There are many plants that are easy to maintain and perfect even for beginners. A pothos, for example, is very easy to grow, and requires very minimal care. It can survive for weeks on end without water, and it doesn’t even need a lot of direct light. Of course, it will thrive and grow a lot faster in a bright room with lots of direct light, but it will grow well even in a darker corner. 

Candles are another great way to add a soothing touch to the room. If you enjoy scented ones, there are so many varieties to choose from! You can find artisanal ones, some made with interesting and original ingredients. Another soothing idea to add to your desk is an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser, which can be relaxing and invigorating. Feeling relaxed and energized is important, and sometimes a small object like this can make a big difference.

Adequate lighting will, of course, set the tone in your office area, and you can add a gorgeous office lamp to your wide work surface to keep your workstation well lit. 

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our office sets. Some desks come in convenient sets that include other furniture solutions for your office such as a filing cabinet or a bookcase. This option is great for those who want to maintain the same design style throughout their space. 

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