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Home Blog Designing a Modern Office with the kathy ireland® Method Collection 

Designing a Modern Office with the kathy ireland® Method Collection 

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Bush Furniture Method Collection set

Looking to build a modern office, but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. The Office by kathy ireland® Method Collection can be an ideal choice for modern workspaces with the right layout and decor choices. Method’s commercial office furniture is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a professional workplace, but also offers the style and versatility of home office furniture. 

Whatever you need for your commercial or home office furniture, Method has a solution. Table desks and L shaped desks in multiple sizes, mobile and lateral file cabinets, bookcases, desk chairs, and even electric fireplaces are available to customize a workspace that suits your specific needs. There’s even a variety of finish options to choose from so you can find the perfect look to show off your sense of style. The engineered wood work surfaces and metal framework provide long-lasting durability with an appearance that conveys the no-fuss styling of modern design. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Method Collection and how to incorporate it into the modern office of your dreams. 

What is Modern Design? 

Whether you are into design or not, chances are you might have heard about the modern style. And while the modern style is often confused with the contemporary one, there is a big difference. The modern style is rooted in German and Scandinavian design styles, and it dates back to the 1920s.  

The modern style differs a lot from contemporary styles. As the years pass, the modern style remains the same. It goes by the statement “form follows function,” and it’s characterized by its simplicity and elegance, paired with wood and natural textures and colors. 

Contemporary styles, on the other hand, are ever-changing. What is considered contemporary today can be easily considered outdated or old-fashioned in a few years. The modern style, however, will always remain the same. 

Why is Modern Furniture So Popular? 

Almost 100 years after its introduction, modern design and modern furniture remain a popular style choice in homes and offices. Because of its simplicity and respect for natural textures and shapes, this style is very inoffensive and versatile, being extremely delicate and easy to match to other styles. 

The modern design goes beyond appearance. A distinct advantage of modern furniture is that it works well in small spaces, and that’s a big reason the style is still relevant today. Furnishings that are attractive and versatile still have their place in both residential and commercial environments. Furthermore, because of its use of common materials, modern furniture tends to be more affordable than other decor styles. 

Home Office Furniture 

Buying home office furniture might seem like a simple process – get a desk, chair, and some storage and you’re ready to go. For a short-term solution, that might be enough. But serious professionals who work from home multiple times per week should invest in higher quality commercial office furniture to ensure that their workspace can withstand regular use. Commercial office furniture, like the Method Collection, is specifically designed and tested to endure the rigors of a 40+ hour work week. 

You might be under the impression that opting for commercial office furniture means sacrificing appearance, but that’s not the case. The bland furnishings that can be found in many corporate workplaces aren’t the only choice for reliable home office furniture. We offer plenty of commercial office furniture collections that are designed to look great in your living space, and the Office by kathy ireland® Method Collection is among our most popular. 

Method’s simple designs and a combination of engineered wood surfaces and metal framework reflect an appearance that works perfectly with modern furniture. By choosing a brightly colored accent piece, such as a couch or lounge chair, you can easily create the perfect modern home office while still enjoying the functional features and long-lasting durability of commercial office furniture. 

L Shaped Desk 

Bush Furniture Method Collection L Shaped desk

If you need a large work area but don’t have much space, an L shaped desk might be the perfect solution for you. Method’s L Shaped Desks come in both 60-inch and 72-inch sizes, so finding the right fit for your home office furniture is no problem. You can position your L shaped desk in a corner to maximize floor space or take a prominent position facing out into the room. 

L shaped desks in the Method Collection feature durable scratch and stain-resistant work surfaces and have built-in wire management grommets to keep pesky cords and cables out of the way while you work. The L shaped desks also support up to 200 pounds of materials and equipment, so you’re free to spread out with all the items you need to stay focused and productive. 

An added benefit of the Method’s L shaped desks is that the collection includes several coordinating storage solutions to keep your home office furniture neat and organized. Are you someone whose job requires a lot of paperwork? Keep it organized with one of our mobile or lateral file cabinets. A small bookcase is another great way to organize work materials or show off your favorite plants, pictures, and decorations. 

Table Desk 

Bush Furniture Method Collection writing desk

If an L shaped desk doesn’t appeal to you or won’t work with the space you have available, a standard table desk is just what you’re looking for. Method Table Desks meet the same quality specifications as the L shaped desks. The thermally fused laminate surfaces protect against cosmetic damage like scratches and stains while supporting multiple monitors and other supplies with a 200 pounds weight capacity. The built-in wire management grommets allow cords to pass through conveniently, keeping the desktop clear so you can focus on the task at hand. 

The key difference between Method Table Desks and L Shaped Desks is that the table desk has a single, straight work surface. Table desks also come in 60-inch and 72-inch size options and work well on their own or with coordinating storage items. Method Table Desks, Bookcases, and Lateral File Cabinets have matching height dimensions to allow for an extended work surface when placed side by side. 


Bush Furniture Method Collection bookcase

Method Bookcases are a perfect way to organize a small library or give your home office furniture a personal touch with your favorite home decor. The center shelf can be raised or lowered to accommodate items of various sizes while the durable construction and titanium finished metal base offers plenty of structural strength and stability. Use the bookcase side by side with your table desk or L shaped desk to enjoy an expanded work surface or position it elsewhere in the room for storage that fits your space perfectly.  

The shelves and surface of the low bookcases are great places to display decor items that bring together your modern design theme. Look for pieces with bright colors and unique geometric shapes to convey the style you’re after.  

File Cabinets 

Bush Furniture Method Collection cabinets

No one works their best with a bunch of loose paperwork littering their work area. Luckily, the Method Collection includes multiple options for keeping important documents organized and accessible. You can take into account your needs for storage and available space to determine which type of filing cabinet makes the most sense for your commercial office furniture set. 

If you only have a small amount of paperwork to store, or if you’re working with limited space, a mobile file cabinet is a perfect choice. These small filing cabinets roll on lockable dual-wheeled casters for flexible placement anywhere in your office, and its low-profile design fits conveniently under coordinating Method L Shaped Desk and Table Desk surfaces for a space-saving configuration. These rolling file cabinets include one file drawer for letter, legal and A4-size papers along with two box drawers for small office supplies. 

Lateral file cabinets are great for those whose job includes a lot of paperwork. Two spacious file drawers open on smooth full-extension ball-bearing slides for an effortless reach to documents. Both drawers are secured by a single lock to protect files with sensitive information. The lateral file cabinet also matches the height of Method’s L Shaped Desks and Table Desks for the option to create an extended work surface when positioned side by side. 


Need a little more storage capacity than a small bookcase or lateral file cabinet can offer? Not to worry. Both of these commercial office furniture items in the Method Collection can accept the Bookcase Hutch for added storage and display potential. By attaching to the surface, the hutch adds three open shelves that are perfect for books, plants, pictures, and decorations. It’s a great space to show off a collection of books or brighten up your commercial office furniture with modern decor. 

Another advantage of adding a hutch to your bookcase or lateral file cabinet, is that it adds significant storage and display capacity without taking up additional floor space. Making use of the vertical space above your work area is a great way to maximize the potential of a small room or office. A dependable hutch is perfect for ensuring materials are always close by while also adding a touch of personality and style. 

Office Chairs 

No home office furniture set is complete without a quality ergonomic office chair, and there are plenty of options to choose from in the Method Collection. All feature durable metal framework that supports up to 275 pounds while a 360-degree swivel base and dual-wheeled casters allow for effortless mobility for multitasking and collaboration. Seat height and tilt tension can be adjusted easily to find the perfect settings for you to work comfortably through a full day on the job. 

The High Back Executive Office Chair and Mid Back Executive Office Chair have bonded leather upholstery in your choice of several color options to match the look of your commercial office furniture and modern decor. Each executive office chair has a contoured back and armrests with foam cushioning for long-lasting ergonomic comfort. 

Just like the executive office chairs, the Method Box Chair comes in mid back and high back models with several bonded leather upholstery options. Perfect for contemporary and modern furniture styles, the box chair has a curved backrest that wraps around the body and tapers at the sides to support the elbows and forearms. 

And finally, the Method Mid Back Desk Chair combines a sleek, contemporary look with all the quality of commercial office furniture. Along with the key functions of the Executive Office Chair and Box Chair, the Desk Chair has armrests that are vertically and horizontally adjustable so you can type, write, or craft comfortably. 

Electric Fireplace 

Bush Furniture Method Collection fireplace

What better way to complete your modern furniture set than with a nice log fire? While not everyone can accommodate a true fireplace in their work area, you can experience the same warm, cozy charm with one of our Method Electric Fireplaces. These electric fireplaces provide supplemental heat for rooms up to 1,000 square feet and can also be used without heat so you can relax with a realistic log fire in any climate. 

The long-lasting, energy-efficient LED screen requires no maintenance and stays cool to the touch for safety in the home or professional office. A remote control is included so you can adjust the 26-inch display’s brightness, temperature, and set the electric fireplace on a 30-minute or 1-6 hour timer without breaking focus. 

The surface accommodates televisions up to 40 inches and/or 25 pounds to serve as an electric fireplace TV stand or entertainment center and also makes a great printer stand or laptop charging station. Each of the upper shelves includes a built-in wire management grommet, making it a perfect place to keep a DVD player and/or other small electronic equipment. 

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