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Brighten Up Your Home with These Bush Furniture TV Stands

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The moments we spend in front of the TV with our family and loved ones are so simple yet so incredibly special. Nothing compares to the feeling of being snuggled up with your favorite humans or pets in front of a good movie. What can make the whole scene even better? The gorgeous Bush Furniture TV stands

Designed for big and small homes alike, Bush Furniture TV stands can complement your space with ease. Available in different designs and finishes, there will surely be one perfect for your living room or bedroom. 

Moreover, you can complement it with other living room furniture such as an end table with storage or storage cabinet. Bush Furniture TV stands are designed to work well with other furniture you might want to add or already have in your space.

Apt for small and big homes alike, Bush Furniture TV stands won’t just serve as a practical surface for your TV, but also as a storage solution that can help you organize and declutter your space. Let’s look at some benefits that Bush Furniture TV stands can provide to your space. They’re not only aesthetically gorgeous, but also extremely practical for big and small homes alike. 

Read below about some advantages of Bush Furniture TV stands and how you can use them within your home.

You Will Gain an Extra Storage Solution

Bush Furniture TV stand

Those of us who have a lot of media accessories often feel like there is never enough storage space. Bush Furniture TV stands come in handy for movie and music aficionados because they often include generous storage cubbies and shelves where you can store your favorite media belongings. This is particularly appealing for people who live in smaller homes or apartments. Oftentimes, living in a small space means renouncing having lots of personal items, simply because there is no place for them. Bush Furniture TV stands are an ally to keep your belongings properly stored while also providing a beautiful piece of furniture.

If you’re into farmhouse designs, check out the gorgeous Bush Furniture TV stands in the kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture Cottage Grove Collection. With its rustic styling and diagonal wood accents, the collection adds a comforting touch to any place. Especially apt for a small home or apartment, this collection gives a touch of cozy singularity while providing practical storage solutions. 

Cottage Grove also boasts a wide array of desks and home office furniture. From bookcases to filing cabinets, you can find anything you’re looking for. To keep a cohesive and coordinated design throughout your home, opt for any of the many items in this collection to complement your TV stand. 

Your Place Will Look Neat and Organized

Bush Furniture Salinas living room furniture

Bush Furniture TV stands are great allies of those who struggle with clutter. It’s so easy to forget to reorganize our place and keep it always looking tidy, isn’t it? With the help of one of our Bush Furniture TV stands, you can effortlessly store away anything you want to keep out of sight.

Clutter is not only unpleasant to look at, but it can also distract you and affect you negatively. You can resolve this issue with one of our Bush Furniture TV stands, optimizing every inch in your room and freeing up tons of space for other furniture or activities. 

Clutter in our home office can also be very pesky. If you work in your living room, consider adding an L-shaped desk to it. You can match one of our TV stands with your choice of L-shaped desk in the same style or collection. L-shaped desks are wonderful when it comes to keeping clutter at bay. 

The huge surface of an L shaped desk can accommodate all your essentials, and the often built-in storage is perfect for office supplies. Moreover, when placed in the corner of the room, an L-shaped desk instantly maximizes space. By using often overlooked space, you’ll free up some space in the middle of the room, which will result in less clutter, too.

Check out our iconic Salinas Collection for some of the most beautiful and practical Bush Furniture TV stands. Available in many appealing finishes, this farmhouse-style collection will add a relaxed and cozy feel to your home. 

You’ll have an Extra Surface to Decorate 

plants in a desk next to the windows

There’s never enough space for decorations, plants, and photographs, so an extra surface will definitely come in handy. This is another reason to invest in one of our Bush Furniture TV stands. You’ll gain a practical surface for all your favorite items, while also enjoying tons of storage space for your supplies.

Bush Furniture TV stands are perfect for displaying small and medium-sized plants. You can also place a larger-sized plant next to your TV stand to create a beautiful contrast. If you’re not an expert gardener, fear not. Two very easy plants to take care of are sansevieria and pothos. The former is very resilient and survives in low-light conditions. Of course, it is recommendable to give it a few hours of bright sunlight to make it thrive, but even dark rooms won’t scare the plant. The latter is a common office plant, as it is not too demanding in terms of light and watering. 

Moreover, sansevieria — commonly called snake plant — actually purifies the air at night instead of emitting carbon dioxide. It makes for a wonderful living room or bedroom plant.

Plants can have a wonderful impact on people and are said to be calming and relaxing. They are beautiful to look at, and they make the whole place livelier. Make sure to optimize natural light in your room by placing one of our TV stands next to a source of light. Indirect light is the best for most plants, as scorching sun can bruise the leaves.

If plants are not your thing, there are other ways to decorate your TV stand. Perhaps a decorative table runner would add a nice touch of color. You can also add some color to the room by choosing vibrant art or prints. You can find art at auctions, in stores, online or even in your community. Oftentimes there are emerging artists selling unique pieces for very reasonable prices. Whichever decoration you choose, your TV stand will look fabulous.

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