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Home Blog Bookcase and Shelves Decor Ideas for Any Room 

Bookcase and Shelves Decor Ideas for Any Room 

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Bush Furniture bookcase and chaise

Do you want to add a personal touch to your room but don’t want to spend too much time or money? Often, transforming your bedroom, office, or living room is much easier than you realize. You can truly make a huge difference with the right pieces and decor! And what better way to display all that decor than with a functional bookcase

In this blog, we’ll be looking at different ways to use a practical bookcase — whichever model you choose, be it a bookcase with doors, a 2 or 5 shelf bookcase, or an etagere bookcase. 

Any bookcase is an excellent choice for your home because it is usually inexpensive, simple to assemble, and easy to repurpose, if necessary. There are numerous ways to use one in your home, and we’d like to walk you through some unique ways to use yours. Let’s see all the way you can use a bookcase in any space, from your home office to your living room or bedroom, and answer some questions you may have. 

Why Is a Bookcase a Great Addition to Your Home? 

Bush Furniture bookcase with doors

A shelf bookcase or a bookcase with doors, of course, is ideal for storing books, manuals, and magazines. However, there are numerous other ways to put your etagere bookcase or bookcase with doors to use. It can be used to repurpose an empty room or hallway, as a storage solution for your everyday essentials or items you want to keep out of sight, or to display photographs or plants on its wide shelves. 

We have an ample range of furniture collections to choose from, ranging from modern industrial to traditional or farmhouse. We also have a collection of universal bookcases with transitional style to match your current decor and interior. 

Furthermore, a shelf bookcase or bookcase with doors is a very safe option for storage and decor. Most of our sturdy bookcases can support up to 50 pounds of weight on each shelf, and are characterized by our innovative Tip GuardÔ safety features, which include a stable design, weighted back panel, and wall attachment hardware. 

How to Style an Etagere Bookcase? 

A shelf bookcase or an etagere bookcase are amazing options for storage and display of your favourite items. They instantly convey style and a modern touch to any environment, apart from being fantastic for storage of your personal belongings and books.  

There are many different ways to make the most of your gorgeous etagere bookcase. Depending on your room, you might want to adopt different techniques and methods to style your etagere bookcase. In a living room, it could serve one purpose, while in a bedroom, it could serve a different purpose entirely! 

Let’s look at how a shelf bookcase or etagere bookcase can transform each room of your home.  

Style an Etagere Bookcase for Your Living Room 

Bush Furniture bookcase

Are you thinking of sprucing up your living room and adding some style and decor to it? An etagere bookcase is the perfect choice in this case! 

An etagere bookcase — or even a bookcase with doors, should you need concealed storage too — would look terrific in a living room and also serves many purposes, from decor to storage. They instantly add style and a modern touch to your living room while being so easy to setup and style. 

From minimalist to farmhouse or industrial, any style of decor can work with a practical shelf bookcase. Depending on the colors and patterns currently present in your living room, style your shelf bookcase accordingly. 

One great way to revive your living room with style is by choosing plants as part of your shelf bookcase decor.  

Placing plants on the wide shelves of your shelf bookcase is a space-saving and unique way to use it. You can even put some lights on the bottom shelves of your bookcase to create a beautiful evening lighting effect! You can experiment with a plethora of different combinations and tricks. 

This solution is especially useful for plants that thrive in indirect light. Even though all plants need sunlight to grow bigger and thrive, some plants prefer indirect light and shade. This is where your shelf bookcase comes in handy! If you place it farther away from direct light, such as against a wall to the side of a window, you’ll get just the right amount of indirect light for your green friends. 

All that remains is to decide which ones to place! Lucky bamboo, various types of marantas (also known as prayer plants), bromeliads, dieffenbachias, spider plants, calatheas, zz plants, snake plants, peace lilies, and many more are examples of beautiful plants that prefer indirect light. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can go with a beautiful pothos plant. It’s not only inexpensive, but also incredibly simple to grow and propagate! When it grows too much, cut it below the node and place the cutting in a glass or jar of water until it roots, or simply leave it growing in water. 

Plants can breathe new life into any space. They would make your living room, office, or bedroom appear brighter, more welcoming, and more tranquil. 

Style a Shelf Bookcase for Your Office 

Bush Furniture bookcase with drawers

A shelf bookcase or bookcase with doors could also be a great addition to your home office. It’s a very practical way to add some extra storage and a modern touch to your office area. 

You can either buy a shelf bookcase or a bookcase with doors, depending on your need for concealed office storage. Either option is great to enrich your home office with more storage space and a practical solution for decor. 

A shelf bookcase is a great idea for book storage, but it’s also a convenient solution for organized file folders, manuals, work materials, and objects of decor. Generally, a shelf bookcase is great for anything you’d like to display in your office, and anything you’d rather have close at any time. A bookcase with doors, on the other hand, presents in itself a solution that includes both shelves and a cabinet. 

The shelves are great for various decor items, to bring a touch of modern style to your environment and make it more personal to you. The lower cabinet part, on the other hand, is wonderful for storage of items you generally prefer to keep out of sight, so it can be conveniently stored close to you without being unsightly or bothering. 

Furthermore, a bookcase for your office can also come as part of an office furniture set, should you decide to keep the same style throughout your home. An office set usually includes a desk and various storage solutions such as a bookcase, a lateral file cabinet, or a mobile file cabinet. 

Style a Bookcase with Doors for Your Bedroom 

Bush Furniture bookcase with doors

Just like in your office and living room, a bookcase can be very useful in your bedroom! You can either purchase it as part of a bedroom set — or a living room or office set, should it be for those rooms — or on its own. 

The bedroom is one of the most intimate parts of your home, and it needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With the help of a great bookcase, you can add both decor and a storage solution for your books and personal items. 

If you chose a bookcase with doors for your bedroom, use the top part for decor and storage of smaller decorative items such as candles and the bottom cabinet for concealed storage of blankets and textiles, as well as other personal belongings you’d rather keep hidden. 

Tips and Tricks for Your Shelf Bookcase or Bookcase with Doors 

Whether you decided to add a bookcase in your office, living room, or bedroom, we’d love to give you some organizational tips that would work in any room. Follow along to see how to place your décor and make the most storage out of your bookcase. 

Mix Up Book Placement 

Books instantly add a homely feel to shelf styling. Make the most of them by stacking books horizontally and vertically, and aligning some stacks to the left, right or centre of a shelf.  

By mixing up the positioning of books and piles, you’ll keep things interesting and help balance the ‘weight’ of your shelf styling. 

Add Accessories on Your Shelves 

To add interest to your reading materials, alternate stacking books horizontally and vertically. One of the best ideas for decorating bookcases is to use accessories as bookends. Boldly colored accents and picture frames make great bookends and stand out on neutral shelves. 

Introduce Decorative Objects 

What can take your shelf styling up a notch is the introduction of decorative objects. These could be pieces you’ve collected on your travels, treasured family heirlooms or latest season homewares. 

Depending on your style, you could use almost anything as decorative accents. People who embrace the eclectic style will often use an old typewriter, whereas Scandi-lovers will lean towards concrete decor. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with items. Sometimes it’s the pieces you really don’t think will work that look great when you step back and look at the shelf as a whole. 

Play with Layers 

Deep bookshelves give you the luxury to play with layers. Lean artwork along the back of the shelves, and anchor them with books or heavier objects. To decorate the bookcase, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their heft behind small frames without losing their uniqueness. 

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