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6 Types of Office Chairs to Consider for Your Desk 

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As we enter another year of hybrid schedules and remote work, the need to revamp and start fresh is one that many people are facing. Perhaps you’re looking for a more ergonomic setup to spend your work shifts at home in comfort. If so, have you looked at our office chairs? We have a vast array of them for both your home office and your commercial space, in all styles! 

Office chairs are usually considered plain and choosing your chair might seem less interesting than choosing your office desk. When thinking of a computer chair, most people imagine a plain black chair without any unique features. Nothing is further from the truth at Bush Furniture and Bush Business Furniture! We have so many different office chairs to choose from. These options include executive chairs, leather office chairs, mesh office chairs, task chairs, reception chairs, and many more. 

Let’s look into the many options we have available. We’ll also give you tips on how to match office chairs to the perfect desk.  

First, let’s look into why it is essential to select an ergonomic office chair for your home office or commercial space. 

The Importance of an Ergonomic Office Chair 

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There are many reasons why you should invest in an ergonomic office chair. First, an ergonomic office chair will take care of your posture. When you use a standard chair, you will tend to lean forward because regular chairs don’t have the correct back height. Full-length designs and posture support are two characteristics that make ergonomic office chairs a fantastic option for your home office and commercial space alike. 

Second, several studies show that ergonomic office chairs and office furniture in general have a great impact on employees. In fact, people who work in an ergonomic setting report higher levels of productivity and even happiness. 

Third, ergonomic office chairs can also reduce back pain and relieve some pressure from your hips. Because of enhanced back support and suitable seat depth, ergonomic office chairs take care of your back and your hips to provide comfort all day. 

Lastly, safety and durability are another reason to invest in an good quality chair. Our office chairs are rigorously tested to meet ANSI/BIFMA standards for durability and performance. When you buy an ergonomic computer chair, you can rest assured that your purchase will serve you for a long time. 

Executive Chairs 

Bush Furniture grey chair

Executive chairs are the prime option for anyone who wants their office space to look elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for both home offices and commercial spaces, executive chairs add a touch a professionalism to any space.  

Executive chairs are undoubtedly the perfect choice for you if you want to make a statement and convey a sense of professionalism and style. Many of our best executive chairs come with stylish details such as nailhead trim and tufted patterns. In a commercial space, anyone entering your office will surely be impressed by the gorgeous design style of your office. In a home office environment, executive chairs can add a touch of elegance to your room, making you forget for a second that you are in your home.  

Executive chairs are ergonomic and adjustable, making these office chairs a fantastic investment for those who spend all day at the office or working at home in their office space. Long shifts in front of your computer can take a toll on your back, and it’s important to choose a solution that can support you all day long.  

Most executive chairs are also thickly padded to convey that stately look, but that padding also creates additional comfort. Feel well supported and at ease in a chair that cushions your body throughout the day. The last thing you want is a chair that doesn’t offer comfort all day long. 

Sitting in an uncomfortable position can hinder your mood, and this can have an impact on your routine. Imagine dealing with colleagues and clients while sitting uncomfortably all day. By the end of the day, you’ll likely feel exhausted. Ergonomic office chairs are a great thing to invest in to take care of your posture and health. 

What Desk Should You Pair Executive Chair With? 

Our executive chairs come in a variety of colors and designs; therefore, it’s hard to pinpoint a single desk with which you can match your chair. Of course, the obvious and safest option would be pairing your executive computer chair to an executive desk. 

Executive desks, much like executive chairs, convey a sense of professionalism and elegance. It is therefore logical that the two would look beautiful together in your office. You can’t go wrong with a desk and chair pair that exudes confidence and sophistication.  

Computer Chairs 

Bush Furniture white chair

If you’re looking for a casual, yet stylish computer chair, we have many office chairs to choose from. Unlike manufacturers that only carry one color or option, we have many styles and finishes to choose from. You’re really spoiled for choice with all the wonderful office chairs we have to offer! 

Make sure to choose a computer chair that is both adjustable and ergonomic. At Bush Furniture, choosing an ergonomic solution does not mean compromising on style and design. There are many amazing office chairs that will both turn heads and give you an ergonomic solution to support you through long work shifts. 

Boxed and tufted office chairs, for example, would look terrific both in a home office environment and a commercial space. They are adjustable and ergonomic, but they also look casual and stylish at the same time.  

Choose among many office chairs in different colors, from traditional ones to more accented ones. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of color and originality to your office space: brightening your office space up is a great idea! 

What Desk Should You Pair Computer Chair With? 

A computer chair can be paired with virtually any desk. Whether you work at home full time or have a hybrid schedule – a computer chair can serve as a great support solution throughout your workdays. 

A computer chair is a great option for those who simply need a good chair to tackle their to-do lists and daily tasks. You don’t necessarily have to have a huge work-from-home setup to enjoy a computer chair when you need it! 

If you want an uncomplicated desk that can fit anywhere, be repositioned easily, and that doesn’t occupy much space, opt for a writing desk. It’s a lightweight yet reliable and versatile desk that can give you support and a surface to display your laptop and other belongings. A boxed or tufted computer chair will look wonderful when paired with a beautiful writing desk. 

If you’re interested in bigger workstations, perhaps you could pair your computer chair to an L-shaped desk. This is a type of desk that would work especially well for those who have a lot of work materials they use throughout the day. The vast surface allows to position you monitors and devices in total comfort, and you’ll have more room for other work materials as well. 

To maintain a coordinated look, you can invest in a desk set with a computer chair and a simple desk. It can save you time and money, and you’ll gain a great office set for yourself where you can work undisturbed. You can choose among the many collections available on our website to pick the color and style most apt for you. 

Bonded Leather Office Chairs 

Bush Furniture white chair

Bonded leather office chairs are another category of office chair worth exploring. Leather is a durable, elegant material that is perfect for both a home office and a commercial space. For this reason, leather office chairs are a great investment for your workspace. It’s also worth noting that sitting on leather feels great, and it’s the reason why so many people opt for leather office chairs when picking their preferred computer chair. 

To add a touch of brightness to your workspace, choose a light finish from one of the many available leather office chairs we have in stock. A color like white, for example, adds brightness to the room, whether it is in a well-lit or darker corner. Light colors can make any space look bigger, and white finishes look clean and organized in an office space.  

When choosing among the many adjustable leather office chairs, look for ergonomic solutions that can help you achieve a stylish look for your office as well as guaranteeing full support for long shifts. 

Our leather office chairs are comfortable and easily adjustable, so you can regulate the height based on your desk. It’s important to work in a comfortable position when spending all day at your desk; therefore, it’s crucial to set your height in a way that feels comfortable. Avoid setting the height of your computer chair too high or too low to prevent slouching and muscle strain. 

What Desk Should You Pair Leather Office Chair With? 

Leather office chairs look beautiful with a variety of desks. Writing desks as well as L-shaped desks would look marvelous with any of our leather office chairs, for example. If you’d like to take ergonomics even further, you can also look into a standing desk. 

Standing desks are the perfect solution for people who want an active workstation to comfortably sit and stand at whenever they please. When spending too much time in one position, you can end up slouching or sitting uncomfortably, which can hinder your work performance. A standing desk gives you the best of both worlds. When you feel like sitting, you can use one of our leather office chairs for comfortable support. When you feel like standing, simply readjust your desk surface and take a stand. 

Standing desks come in two varieties: electric and manual. The former type is usually smaller and more compact, and the surface lifts with just one click. You won’t have to reset your height every time, but simply push a button and your surface will lift to the preset height. The latter type, on the other hand, is bigger, but the surface will have to be lifted manually.  

Standing desks offer so many great health and mood benefits. Workers who spend their days alternating between sitting and standing report greater productivity and enhanced mood, among other benefits. It’s also worth noting that a standing desk can give you the chance to stay active at work. Simply remind yourself through alarms or daily reminders to stand sometimes instead of sitting. Even a few minutes a day to begin can make a drastic difference in your work routine.  

Office chairs are a great solution for back pain but standing regularly and maintaining a more active position is surely another great way to ensure your back and posture are well taken care of. The combination of an adjustable leather office chair and a standing desk creates the perfect ergonomic setup. 

Task Chairs 

Bush Furniture black chair

Simple task chairs are a great and uncomplicated option for any design style and space. Why unnecessarily complicate things when all you need is an ergonomic and adjustable computer chair you can comfortably work on? 

If you’re not interested in extravagant finishes or designs and would rather invest in something simpler, more budget-friendly, yet durable and reliable, task chairs are a great option for you. 

Task chairs are flexible and perfect for a variety of reasons. They can fit anywhere, and they’re a great choice for a practical yet uncomplicated office space. They are also a fantastic choice for students, because they are ergonomic and adjustable, giving the right support during long study sessions. Plus, they are often available at a lower price point than our more stylish chairs. Similarly, they can be used by gamers who spend a lot of time at their desks.  

What Desk Should You Pair Task Chairs With? 

Task chairs can be paired to any desk, both in home office and commercial office environments. Being ergonomic and adjustable, they can fit under any desk, even a small secretary desk. Have you ever heard of them? While forgotten by many, secretary desks have been making a great comeback in the home office furniture scene.  

They are a fantastic choice for those who don’t have tons of space to play with, as they can fit pretty much in any room and can be repurposed for different needs. 

If you live in a small apartment, a secretary desk can help you save space and offer you a desk and a storage solution all at once. You can use the surface to work on and place your laptop. When you don’t need to work, you can simply fold the surface in and use your secretary desk as a practical storage solution. 

Secretary desks can also be used as a bar cabinet or small credenza. You can never have enough storage solutions throughout your home. Use your secretary desk to store away anything you want out of sight and stop worrying about a lack of space. 

Furthermore, secretary desks are a great option for those who want a secondary workstation. A secondary workstation is a fantastic choice if you sometimes feel like spending time in the same room can be daunting. When we spend all day within the same four walls, productivity can take a hit. One of the easiest ways to escape that is setting up a nice secondary workstation in a different room. 

The great thing about a secretary desk is that you can place it anywhere. You don’t need a big room to set up your secondary office station. You can place your secretary desk in the living room or even in your bedroom, as well as your entryway. Paired with a comfortable chair, your desk will be ready to use at any moment. 

Mesh Office Chairs 

Bush Furniture black chair

One of the most versatile choices you could invest in are mesh office chairs. They are lightweight, flexible, and very elegant. If you’re looking for an adjustable and ergonomic computer chair that will support you all day, mesh office chairs are a fantastic option. 

While maintaining a classic look, mesh office chairs look sleek and elegant in an office environment. The lightweight and airy design makes it a perfect chair for any season, and it can easily complement any choice of desk.  

Mesh office chairs are very easy to move around because they are adjustable and compact. The levers of our mesh office chairs help you change the angle of the seat and back for optimal comfort. Furthermore, the levers also help you adjust the height and depth of the seat to accommodate any user. 

The lightweight and contoured back of our mesh office chairs adjusts up and down separately from the rest of the chair to ensure the perfect ergonomic support for your mid and upper back.  

Mesh office chairs are the ideal solution to keep you comfortable through a long day at the office or when working on a project at home.  

What Desk Should You Pair Mesh Office Chairs With? 

Mesh office chairs are quite versatile and can work with a variety of styles. If space is an issue, you could invest in a small corner desk. Corner desks are like L-shaped desks but are generally smaller. Many users find corner desks to be more spacious than a traditional writing desk.  

When tucked into the corner of the room, a corner desk can help you liberate a lot of space at home. Imagine all the space you will free up. Your home office area will look so much neater and more organized. Furthermore, your work area will be detached from the rest of the room, allowing you to focus on your tasks undisturbed. 

This, of course, works the same way in a commercial space. If you have a small office and would like your employees to have more private space when working, a corner desk can be a good solution to maximize space in the room and offer your employees a more private work setting. Choosing a comfortable desk and chair combination is ideal for employee satisfaction. By choosing a mesh office chair, you provide them with a seating solution that is comfortable and breathes. 

Reception Chairs 

Bush Furniture reception chair

Reception office chairs are a great option for those who have clients and customers who sometimes need to wait to be attended to. Especially apt for lobbies, reception chairs are a great touch for your office, as they offer your guests and clients a comfortable place to wait for you while you get ready to receive them.  

Reception chairs add a touch of professionalism to your waiting room or lobby. Appropriate seating for your clients shows that you care about their wellbeing. Some people work at home and receive their clients and guests there, so you may even want to set up a small waiting area in your home with comfortable seating. When you’re busy and getting ready to receive your guests, they will be able to wait for you in comfort. 

More Lobby Furniture 

As much as you may try to greet your clients the minute they come through the door, the reality is that they will probably spend a fair amount of time in your waiting area. This means you want this space to welcoming and comfortable. Great reception chairs go a long way in achieving this, but the rest of your lobby furniture is important too.  

A coffee table is a great addition to any waiting area. A lovely gesture you can extend is to offer your guests and clients a beverage while they wait. And what better piece of furniture to accommodate them than a coffee table? They will be able to wait for you in peace while enjoying their drink and snack, and you won’t have to worry about them while they wait. It’s a professional and inviting touch that your visitors will appreciate. 

Similarly, end tables can pair quite well with reception chairs. You can lay some magazines on top, so your quests can read while they wait for you. Our end tables come in a variety of finishes and design styles, and they mix and match very well with our reception chairs.  

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