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5 Living Room Furniture Essentials for Your Home

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Living room with key west furniture

Your living room is a crucial relaxation and entertainment space in your home. It’s the place where you might quietly read a book, watch a movie with your family, or enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Such an important space should be styled and decorated to your liking, and the first place to start is with your furniture. From sofas to coffee tables to TV stands and more, we offer a variety of living room essentials that are sure to look good in your home.  

Let’s look at all our options available to ensure your living room is the coziest place in the house! 

1. Living Room Seating Options 

A Turkish Blue sectional sofa in a stylish living room

Let’s face it, the living room is the room in your house that has the most influence on people. Whether someone comes in for a few minutes or stays for a relaxing dinner or movie night, the sense of warmth and coziness found in a living room is unparalleled in any other room. The living room is also a place for gathering, and seating solutions are a must. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large living room, we encourage you to use up that space and choose a U-shaped sectional sofa fit for the whole family. Our many beautiful models and finishes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Our upholstery collections are suitable for both children and pets thanks to our StainGard™ fabrics, which repel dirt, oil, water, and other liquids. It may seem natural to be afraid of eating and drinking on the sofa for fear of permanently staining your lovely furniture, but we made sure you wouldn’t have to worry! You can enjoy stress-free movie nights and eat and drink as much as you want without worrying about stains and dirt. 

One of the best ways to make a statement with your U-shaped couch is to place it in the middle of your living room. This way, your family and friends can spend relaxing nights in front of a movie or a sporting event, forgetting about the stresses of the week and unwinding. If you live in a small space, try tucking it into a corner to maximize free space. It’s the best way to make the room appear larger than it is by utilizing square footage that is usually left idle. 

You can also complement your U-shaped sectional with various living room solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. In a larger home, living room essentials such as a tall TV stand or a TV Stand and Coffee Table Set can enhance your interior design beautifully. Similarly, bookcases and storage cabinets are amazing storage solutions as well. 

Smaller homes can also benefit from space-saving solutions. An ottoman, for example, can serve multiple functions in a small area. While watching a movie, you can use it as a footrest and store blankets or other items inside to keep them out of sight. 

While U-shaped sectionals are best suited for larger rooms, an L-shaped sectional sofa is also a viable option that can transform even the smallest of apartments. Its generous yet compact shape fits into a variety of interiors, allowing you to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind compositions within your space. 

If either an L-shaped Couch or a U-Shaped sectional sofa seem too big for your home, we also have an array of loveseats, small couches, and chaises that are sure to meet your comfort needs, regardless of your small space. 

2. Living Room Storage Cabinets and Console Tables

White console table with storage and shelf

Is it possible to have too many storage options in your home? We don’t think so! Console tables and storage cabinets can fit in almost any room and serve various functions within your home, making them ideal even for the smallest apartments. They provide much-needed surface area in your home and plenty of storage space. 

Because of its narrow but capacious design, a console table with storage is an excellent addition to small homes. It will fit in most spaces, including hallways, and will add a touch of life as well as a practical storage to your home. A narrow console table with storage can also be an excellent solution for your work area, should you set up your home office in the living room.  

Moreover, console tables have plenty of shelving and a large surface to display anything from books and manuals to plants. Some of our models also include fantastic desktop organizers which allow you to gain extra storage space while keeping your surface neat and organized. 

Storage cabinets are equally adaptable and suitable for most areas. They are so versatile that you can use them in any room. Storage cabinets can be used to store files, magazines, small living room supplies, and to hide any clutter lying around. They are especially handy if you live in a small home and need to setup your home office in your family room. A small living room cabinet paired with a small desk for your living room, for example, can be a great work-from-home starter setup if you’d like to position your office area within your living room. Use small storage cabinets for the living room to store office supplies that you would rather keep out of sight when entertaining.  

3. Living Room TV Stands 

Stylish, french country-style living room furniture

The time we spend in front of the television with our family and loved ones is simple but incredibly special. Nothing beats the sensation of snuggling up with your favorite humans or pets in front of a good movie. What can improve the entire scene? Our stunning Bush Furniture TV stands

Bush Furniture TV stands are designed for both large and small homes and can easily complement your space. There will undoubtedly be one that is ideal for your living room or bedroom, as they are available in a variety of designs and finishes. 

Those of us who collect media accessories often feel as if there is never enough storage space. Bush Furniture TV stands are ideal for movie and music fans because they frequently include generous storage cubbies and shelves for storing your favorite media items. This is especially appealing to those who live in small houses or apartments. Living in a small space frequently entails giving up many personal items simply because there is no room for them. Our TV stands can help you keep your belongings organized while also serving as a beautiful piece of living room furniture. 

For some of the most beautiful and functional Bush Furniture TV stands, look no further than our iconic Salinas Collection. This farmhouse-style collection, available in a variety of appealing finishes, will add a relaxed and cozy feel to your home. This is one of our most popular collections, and it boasts an incredibly wide array of living room essentials, office staples, and more. We’ve recently launched new Salinas TV stands with electric fireplace inserts. In the winter, the electric fireplace can heat up 1000 square feet, while in the summer, you can turn on the display without the heat for that beautiful log fire look. It’s a perfect living room furniture option year-round.  

4. Living Room Tables

Bright living room with blue sofa and lift-top coffee table desk

It goes without saying that a coffee table is a living room furniture essential that has the power to impact the overall style of the room. Moreover, a coffee table provides a practical surface for placing drinks while watching a movie or entertaining guests, as well as an additional surface for displaying plants or personal items. 

Bush Furniture has a wide selection of coffee tables to suit every need. Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind designer piece for your living room? You’ll love the new kathy ireland® Home by Bush Furniture City Park Collection. This collection’s beautiful coffee table will add a touch of modern industrial design to your home, all while giving you plenty of space to lay your belongings, décor, or beverages on top. 

End tables are among some of the most famous living room essentials as well, along with coffee tables and sofas. They are ideal for any room and can also be used in the bedroom as stylish nightstands. If you prefer a casual, modern farmhouse style, the stunning Key West Collection is for you. These small end tables can also function as accent tables in any room of your home. The stylish drawers are ideal for keeping anything handy but out of sight, and the surface is large enough for your daily necessities. 

End tables can be added to almost any room, from the entryway to the living room. You could, for example, place two symmetrical ones on the sides of your sofa. If you live in a small apartment, you can place one in the entryway as a surface for mail, keys, and more. They are truly ideal for storing daily necessities in an organized and stylish manner. 

The soft finishes and rustic design from Key West will give any room a relaxed feel. We’ve also recently added new lift-top coffee table desks to the Key West Collection, allowing you to create a workspace in your living room with one main piece of furniture. These ingenious tables have three locking positions, the highest being at standard desk height. This means you can work from the comfort of your living room without worrying about hunching in front of your computer. During the day, you can work from a comfortable desk height and at night, you can lower the tabletop to your desired position to enjoy supper or snacks during the evening news or a movie. 

5. Living Room Sets

Simple living room with gray coffee table and end tables

Lastly, if you’d like to buy all your living room essentials in one go, consider investing in a living room set. Sets are practical and timesaving, as well as always coordinated and cohesive. Your living room would look terrific with a matching set! 
When it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, cohesive design and functionality are top priorities. Not everyone, however, has the time to select each item individually and ensure that it complements the rest of the room. This is where living room sets can help. 

With our fantastic living room furniture sets, you can make shopping for family room furniture fun and easy. Say goodbye to having to choose each item individually and worrying about whether it will match the rest of your decor or not. There’s a good chance you’ll save money as well, because sets are frequently less expensive than purchasing each item separately. 

Don’t Forget to Decorate! 

Modern industrial bookcase against exposed brick wall

Decor is unquestionably important in any proper living room. Even if you prefer modern and minimalist designs, there are a few extra touches you can add to your home to make it more welcoming and one-of-a-kind. 

Plants, of course, are a wonderful addition to any home. They are both relaxing and stimulating, and they have a distinct calming effect on people. Rooms filled with plants can help relieve anxiety and stress, which is why they are used in many commercial spaces and even hospitals. 

Aside from plants, you can also invest in art or a lovely floor lamp. Lamps not only add light to a room, but they also allow you to add a unique piece of decor at the same time. Similarly, a great rug can drastically alter the feel and appearance of your entire space. When combined with your choice of living room essentials, your family room will appear cozy and beautifully coordinated. 

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about living room essentials, are you ready to shop? Choose your living room furniture today! 

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