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4 Entryway Furniture Pieces for Your Mudroom 

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Bush Furniture Entryway Set

Fall is around the corner and cozying up your home is on the to-do list for many. Is there anything more comforting than having your home all set up for the colder months, from the moment you enter to the moment you leave home? This is where the perfect entryway furniture pieces can help you make a difference. 

The first thing you see – and your guests see – when you enter your home is the entryway. That’s why it’s important to make your mudroom as inviting and welcoming as possible.  

It’seasy for outerwear, bags, and keys to get dispersed around the house, causing clutter and disrupting one’s routine, but with the right entryway furniture, you can organize your belongings with ease. We strive to keep style, affordability, and functionality in mind when designing every one of our entryway pieces.  Let’s look into some of our best entryway furniture solutions for your home and answer some questions you might have. 

What Is the Difference Between an Entryway and a Mudroom? 

Bush Furniture Brown Entryway Bench

Mudrooms are separate rooms in the home, and they are designed to serve as a landing space between the outdoors and the indoors. Mudrooms provide a room for family members and pets to come inside from the rain, snow, or bad weather to remove dirty boots, wet coats, scarves, and mittens without bringing dirt inside the rest of the home. 

This is a great middle ground between the inside and outside of the home and to keep the rest of the house clean when visitors come in, or after you come back home with your pets. These rooms aren’t usually at the main entrance of the house because they get dirty and are filled with outerwear, but they’re a great solution if you’re coming in from the backyard or garage.  

An entryway is the first room you enter when walking through a front door, usually a smaller space or hallway. The entryway is usually used by both family members and guests; therefore, functionality needs to be paired with style and decor. 

Whilst furniture in a mudroom needs to be mostly functional, in an entryway, make sure you choose elements that can help you decorate the space as well as organize it. Some entryway ideas include an entryway cabinet, an entryway table, or an entryway furniture bench. 

Let’s look into some types of entryway furniture for your space. 

A Practical Entryway Shoe Bench  

Bush Furniture Brown Entryway Bench

One of the most important details in an entryway or mudroom is certainly entryway shoe storage. The last thing you want in an entryway is shoes all over the place. An entryway shoe bench is ideal because it gives you entryway storage space while also providing an excellent seating solution. Your guests and loved ones can comfortably take their coats and shoes off when they come to visit you thanks to a shoe storage bench. 

A shoe bench is especially palatable for those with narrow entryways and corridors, as it can fit even in the smallest of spaces. You can also use the bench to place your bags, or any shopping items you’re bringing in or need to lay down before heading out.  It’s a great storage and seating solution in one practical piece.  

An Entryway Hall Tree and Coat Rack 

Bush Furniture Grey Entryway Set

If a shoe storage bench sounds nice but doesn’t provide enough storage for your family, then you might want to shop for an entryway hall tree or coat rack. These allow for easy and effortless hanging of your favorite coats and jackets. Moreover, they use vertical space that might otherwise be left idle. Many of our hall trees and coat racks come with built-in storage benches on the lower section, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.  

The bench provides a necessary seating option in your mudroom, and the compartments at the bottom are perfect for shoes. Additionally, you can use them to hide supplies or small objects in storage baskets. With an entryway coat rack, you can hang your essentials by the door and grab them easily on the way to work or the grocery store. It’s a fantastic solution for any home. 

A Versatile Entryway Console Table 

Bush Furniture Entryway Set from the City Park Collection

Many of us are familiar with small empty spaces in our homes, whether they are in a hallway or the corner of a room. Almost every house, from the smallest to the largest, has at least one similar spot. Adding an elegant entryway console table to your home is a gorgeous and effective way to transform that dull spot into something beautiful and useful. 

A console table is ideal for filling in those small empty spaces around the house. It can also function as an entryway furniture solution in smaller apartments and as a dining room console table in larger homes. 

Specifically, an entryway console table is an excellent addition to a front hallway or entryway. You’ll brighten up the space while also adding a functional storage and display solution in one simple move. Small designer items, plants, and photographs look great on console tables. They can also serve as a temporary support surface next to the entrance. 

It’s always useful to have an entryway furniture storage solution or surface near your front door for storing and organizing items like keys, mail, and spare change. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected in our hectic daily routines, buthaving everything in order at home can make your days go more smoothly. 

An entryway console table can add character while also being functional. Isn’t it convenient to have a place to set your bags when you return from the store? Or the chance to display your favorite items in an otherwise empty space in your home? We certainly think so! 

A Multifunctional Storage Cabinet 

Bush Furniture Entryway console table

Another great option for bigger and smaller entryways alike is a multifunctional storage cabinet. When space is an issue, using pieces you can easily reposition in a different room is key. An entryway cabinet is a great furniture solution that can fit in an office, living room, or even in your bedroom. A cabinet can function as a small entryway table with extra storage space for mail, keys, and other items you use daily. 

An entryway furniture storage cabinet is perfect for your mudroom or entryway on its own or as an addition to a coat rack or an entryway shoe bench. It provides concealed storage for any items that you’d like to keep hidden, such as those smelly soccer cleats that are impossible to get clean! 

Moreover, you can find an entryway cabinet in one of our entryway furniture sets. Entryway furniture sets usually include two or three staples to effortlessly furnish your entryway or mudroom in a cohesive and coordinated manner. Entryway furniture sets can include anything from an entryway table, an entryway shoe bench, an entryway cabinet, or an entryway coat rack. 

Now that you know about our many entryway furniture options, you can start shopping to create a beautiful and organized entryway in your home! And don’t forget to decorate your home’s entrance with some of the latest home decor trends! 

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